War Memories

14In 2012 I undertook a project for Kings College with James Bressor to interview (James) and photograph (me) Kings College and Guys Hospital  alumni who shared their memories of the 2nd World War.

It was a very humbling experience. We visited Shyam Sarwal (pictured here), with his wife, in London. He told us of setting off from Bombay for Liverpool by ship just after the war had started. When they got to Gibraltar the Captain told all the passengers to eat as much food as they could as the ship had no protection and would likely be sunk. They made it. He described his life with his wife as one long adventure. She died three weeks after our visit and he followed her two weeks later.

The project can be seen in full at alumni.kcl.ac.uk/WW2stories



  • Donald Leggett, on board HMS Belfast.

  • Donald Leggett. Kings 1940.

  • Dr's Brandon and Margaret Lush. Kings College, 1942

  • Dr Peter Sabine. Chelsea 1942.

  • Peggy Sabine. Chelsea 1942.

  • The Sabines.

  • Emel Rochat. Kings 1949.

  • Emel Rochat. Kings 1949

  • Edwin Gifford OBE

  • Douglas Howe. Guys 1937.

  • Clifford Robinson. AKC

  • Denis Reid. Guys 1945.

  • Shyam Sarwal. Kings 1944.