Made in Belfast

02I’ve undertaken a few major projects in Belfast over the years.

In 2004 I produced the book, The Regulars: Made in Belfast, about the clientele of the John Hewitt bar in the Cathedral Quarter..

In 2005 I was commissioned to do large installation pieces for Madison’s hotel in botanic and in 2006 I was commissioned by Belfast City Council to produce a series of portraits for permanent exhibition to mark the City Hall’s centenary.

This is a selection from all of the above. I also recently did the Good Vibes project in Belfast which has its own section on menu on the right.

  • Alex "Hurricane" Higgins. World snooker champion.

  • Glenn Patterson. Writer.

  • Stephen Rea. Actor.

  • John Caldwell. World Champion boxer.

  • Terri Hooley. Godfather of Belfast Punk.

  • Henry McCullough. Guitarist with Wings.

  • Van Morrison. Musician.

  • Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol.

  • Kenneth Branagh. Writer/director.

  • James Ellis. Actor.

  • Michael Longley. Poet.

  • Brian Kennedy. Singer/songwriter.

  • Brian Keenan. Hostage survivor/writer.

  • Deidre and Bernadette McAliskey. Singers/activists.

  • Danny Devenny and Mark Irvine. Mural painters.

  • Colette Norwood. British Council.

  • The Rustlers

  • Gearoid MaClochlainn. Poet.

  • John McCombish. Chef.

  • Cecil Morrison. Retired postal worker.

  • Kresanna Aigner.

  • Paul Maguire. Musician.

  • David Hilton. Bar manager.

  • Brendan Mackin. Trade Unionist.

  • Tout!

  • Aimee Richardson in C.S Lewis' garden.

  • Drawing office for the Titanic at Belfast docks.

  • A DeLorean doing nets at Windsor Park.