Good Vibes

01In Belfast in the early 1970’s Terri Hooley was a music obsessive, selling records from his living room. This was a Belfast that was being torn apart by sectarian violence. It didn’t stop him opening his shop and subsequent record label, Good Vibrations, in 1977.  As punk exploded Hooley was at the helm of the revolution signing and developing many local bands including Rudi, the Outcasts and the Undertones.

In later years, my mates and I spent most of our Saturday afternoons in the shop.

He sent Teenage Kicks to John Peel at Radio 1. When Peel had finished playing it he said, “Wasn’t that the most wonderful record you ever heard in the world”, and played it again.

Hooley’s story was made into the feature film, Good Vibrations due for general release in 2013. At the world premiere in Belfast I set up a portable studio in the Ulster Hall and photographed a lot of the punks and key figures from the Good Vibes story who had been invited to the screening.

  • Brian Young. Rudi/The Saberjets.

  • Liz Young

  • Greg Cowan. The Outcasts.

  • Martin Cowan. The Outcasts.

  • Billy Docherty. The Undertones.

  • Terri Hooley.

  • John O'Neill. The Undertones.

  • Richard Dormer.

  • Buck. The Defects

  • Shaz. The Defects.

  • Patrick Fitzsymons

  • Michael Connell. Juju

  • Mike Edgar

  • Glenn Paterson. Writer.

  • John T Davis.

  • Alan Simpson.

  • Petesy Burns. The Outcasts.

  • Ray Falls. The Outcasts.

  • Pier Gael.

  • Peter Campbell

  • Joby Fox. The Bank Robbers.

  • Gavin Martin.

  • Jimmy Symington.